Vascular Services

Competent, Compassionate, and cost-effective solutions for adult and pediatric patients.

MNVS Vascular Services

Our vascular services excel in providing PICC lines, Midlines, IV lines, and de-clotting occlusions. We also provide routine services such as dressing changes, line removals, consultations, and staff education. Services are available 24/7 via one phone call. Our PICC services are available for your choice of days, evenings, nights, and/or weekends.  We are flexible and can meet your specific hours of need.


We arrive with all of our own technical equipment for placing lines.  PICC/Midline services are provided to inpatients or outpatients directly at the patient bedside, using the newest Site-Rite Ultrasound System with the latest Sherlock 3CG Cardiac Waveform Sensor and the Sherlock II Tip Location equipment, eliminating the need for x-rays.  We also provide our own Bard PICC/Midline trays and equipment if needed.

Advantages of Using PICC Lines

Decreased Inpatient Stay

Decreased Complication Risks

Long-term Duration of Line

Ease of Blood Draw

Decreased Pain and Discomfort

Elimination of Multiple Sticks

Elimination of X-rays

Completed at Patient Bedside