Staffing Services

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MNVS Staffing Services

We excel in staffing Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Respiratory Care Practitioners. We outclass our competitors in providing qualified staff to fill individual medical facility requests. We are prepared to offer long-term contracts or just PRN contracts for those occasional staffing needs.

Our integrated practice model concentrates on meeting the critical needs of Emergency Departments, Urgent Care/Specialty Clinics, and Telemetry/Medical-Surgical hospital units. Advantages for medical facilities include: Placing only staff with the appropriate education and certification level, rapid credentialing assistance, meet urgent and critical request, reasonable rates, and 24-hour call availability.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss service options for your facility.  You will find our rates very competitive and reasonable.  Please call at your convenience to arrange a meeting 618-367-6066.

Advantages for Medical Facilities

Professional Liability Insurance

Pre-employment screening

Ability to fill urgent/critical request

24 hour call availability

Only medical professionals with appropriate education and certifications

Rapid credentialing assistance

Competitive & reasonable rates

Comprehensive medical staffing pool